About Texas Chrome Transport

Over 45 years of logistics excellence.

TCT is a leader in frac sand logistics for the oil field. Our commitment to both the customer and the driver experience sets our family-owned business apart from the rest.

TCT’s History

Our story started in 1975, when Raul Mendez bought his first truck and created Mendez Trucking. Raul started out as an independent truck driver, but as his customer base grew, he was able to add more trucks to the company. Before he knew it, his family-owned business became one of the largest independent trucking contractors in Texas. Since 2011, TCT has hauled frac sand to oil sites across Texas. While oil may fuel America, logistics providers like TCT ensure energy production continues. We may have updated our name and our technology since 1975, but one thing hasn’t changed: we’re a family owned and operated business that balances both our clients’ and our drivers’ needs. With over 215 units in our fleet—and more on the way—we have a history of supporting our drivers so they have the opportunity to buy tractors of their own.

A family-owned business for decades

Oil field logistics

We’re experts in final mile logistics that transport our customers’ goods in a fast, safe, and reliable way. TCT has over 45 years of experience in trucking, but oil field logistics is our specialty. Since 2011, we’ve been a leader in frac sand logistics for the oil field, hauling bulk commodities for our clients throughout the southern US.

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TCT in action

TCT in action

The difference is experience

It takes a lot of planning to move goods from one place to another. As experts in final mile logistics, TCT stands out from every other independent trucking company in Texas thanks to our unique expertise. TCT has a large, growing fleet that makes it easier to fulfill our drivers’ and customers’ needs. We have over 10 years of experience in frac sand hauling, giving our oilfield customers the benefit of a knowledgeable team when it counts. We’re also different because we treat our drivers with respect. Because when we treat our drivers well, we know our customers will have a better experience, too.

We follow the Golden Rule

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